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I empower spiritual womenpreneurs and professionals who are ready to connect with their gifts & talents shed the layers of external influence negatively affecting their mindset so they can connect with their true selves mind, body & soul, show up with confidence, and work authentically from soul purpose.

If you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, too stressed to think clearly, or are in search of greater self-confidence or a deeper sense of purpose, I can help.


Confidence | Soul Purpose CoachMy goal is to empower 1,111 women in transforming and aligning mind, body & soul so they can:● experience unlimited confidence● honor themselves by showing up powerfully & authentically● live life fully● enjoy success in a career that aligns with who they are at their core● overcome past struggle, trauma, negative inner self-talk● break through invisible ceilings by revealing & re-scripting faulty beliefs● but above all, connect with their deepest motivating purpose.

About Susan

INFP | HSP | Empath | Intuitive | Soul-driven | Global Citizen
WHERE we come from shapes us all in one way or another. And some might consider me an unlikely success story. I come from a dual-language, lower-middle class upbringing. My father was a blue-collar worker and my mother--a stay-at-home mom for most of my childhood. Nowhere in my family did I see published authors, platform speakers, holders of Master's degrees or Doctorates. No one ran their own multiple-six figure business. And certainly, no one I knew had ever shared dreams of traveling the world, visiting obscure places, and learning foreign languages.
How far do you allow your dreams to wander?
Ability wasn't the issue. Self-imposed limitations usually came down to two common blocks: IDENTITY & FEAR. Invisible ceilings--cultural, societal, economic, gender and/or color-based--dictated WHO folks in my family believed themselves to be. These external influences had ultimately shaped their internal identity, imposing limitations on WHAT they believed they could achieve.
Have you ever felt a certain level of success was reserved for other people?
WHEN a debilitating illness threatened to cut my life short, I refused to allow it to defeat me and instead leveraged it to forever change my trajectory. I used all the lessons I'd learned from it to fuel my WHY (my personal driving sense of purpose). As I nurtured myself back to wellness I decided life is not only meant to be lived, but lived FULLY to one's greatest potential. I became a two-time published author, platform speaker, holder of a Master's degree, multiple six-figure entrepreneur, published artist, world traveler, ongoing learner and lover of languages. And I'm only getting started.
Is your life and work fueled by a powerful WHY--your life purpose?

"The caterpillar already carries within itself everything it needs to transform into a beautiful butterfly...
You too have all you need to grow into the beautiful next version of YOU."

Susan Eckert, MA, CH

You have all you need...
You have a purpose...
You are powerful beyond measure!

Confidence | Soul Purpose Coaching

My clients call my holistic approach "the trifecta" because of the powerful and rapid results they've achieved.



Mindset is everything.
By examining what I call "belief chains" & self-defeating thought patterns, along with their resulting outcomes, we empower ourselves to identify opportunities to rescript both our conscious as well as subconscious programming, which actively shapes our most important life decisions.



Self-care is everything.
A car doesn't run well on a low charged battery. You can't run a marathon without proper physical care.Complete & lasting transformation requires that we attend to all aspects of our well-being.



Energy is everything.
Before we even open our mouths to speak, our energy & presence speaks volumes about who we are/believe ourselves to be. If we lack adequate boundaries, we become depleted & may find ourselves stuck--anchored to a less than ideal past/present...contending with invisible blocks...and therefore, unable to move forward.



Coaching is powerful in that it involves connecting with someone who is fully invested in your growth, but who also holds you accountable for developing the most important intimate relationship you will ever have: the one with yourself.



A supportive network is important in life in general, but during times of change and transformation, it becomes even more important. During our work together we will explore how you can develop this support network to facilitate and sustain your growth as you become your next-level self.



Together we'll explore how to optimize your environment to support your transformation and nurture your next-level identity.

Susan has been featured in...

Confidence Coach | Soul Purpose Coach

Personal & professional growth through mind-body-soul alignment


Career Coaching

Build greater confidence to align work with your SoulPurpose, smash your interviews, power up your personal pitch, empower your inner entrepreneur


Life Coaching

Achieve fulfillment through a clear sense of life purpose, and greater life balance


Spiritual Coaching

Certified in Mindfulness & Meditation, I support clients in building their own self-care toolbox: strengthening intuitive skills, practicing greater connection with higher self, & exploring their identities as spiritual beings living a human existence.



A Harvard study found that 90% of our decision-making is subconscious. Like a human operating system, subconscious programming drives our outcomes and keep us stuck in old patterns. Hypnosis is a powerful tool--one that enables us to rescript and align our minds with our souls.


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For your convenience...

All sessions take place online via Zoom.

How It Works

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    1st Step

    Let's start with a complementary 60-minute Free to Be Me Consultation via Zoom to explore how I might support you in your desired transformation.

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    2nd Step

    I will propose an arrangement & solution path customized just for you.

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    Final Step

    Once we agree on the terms of our arrangement, we can begin your exciting journey towards your next-level, more confident you.


"Susan is truly inspiring. She has helped me to see that my only limitations are the ones I impose on myself. I was concerned that I wasn’t good enough as an artist, or that I was too old to start this journey. She helped me take that negative self talk and realise that I am already an artist and that with age comes talent and wisdom. She helps you to actualise your personal aspirations by supporting yourself rather than doubting yourself. It’s a nice change from where I was mentally and emotionally before starting to work with Susan. I feel very lucky to have her as my guide in this process."

Roniya ShefferCollage Artist

"Susan, the experience...of this soul purpose program has been life altering. It has granted me clarity and accountability to take the necessary guided actions toward connecting with my truest purpose. I have identified with how I am destined to serve and I am confident that I am on the path to becoming that as this path evolves. The guidance...like meditation, journaling on specific questions, affirmations, removing blocks; have been instrumental in this process. Also, the...personality test gave me tremendous insight. Even though I have visited this platform in the past: it opened up a different level of identification when combined with this program. Specifically, the 1:1 sessions have produced tremendous insight and growth as they have honed in on what I need to do to cause a valuable shift. Your insight and intuition have been a key force in guiding me toward the right path and that gift that you possess has been a critical factor in why this program has been so effective. Thank you."

Gina DiGuardiaBridal Salon Owner

"Susan, I finally feel as if I have wings, not only to fly, but to soar. Through your guidance I have been able to do the work necessary to discover my soul's purpose. It has been a truly transforming experience working with you. I have been able to go deep within and connect to my higher self and my inner child. It has been an incredible journey of finding my authentic self through self discovery and self reflection. I was able to overcome my obstacles and fears and call myself and see myself as an artist for the very first time. You helped me to face my insecurities around this and finally feel confident about my artistic talents - that was huge for me! I’ve gained incredible insight on how my creativity is a spiritual practice. I was able to focus inward and realize how I have naturally been able to use my creativity and talents to connect with my inner child and heal from the several traumas along my lifetime. I was able to discover that my creativity is a gift given to me to help others heal from trauma as I have. This experience has been absolutely enlightening and validating. I have a clear vision and action plan in place and I’m beyond inspired to start doing this important work. I will always treasure this experience with gratitude."

Anne GiordanoArtist, Author, Educator

Complementary Discovery Call

I offer a complementary Free To Be Me consultation to all spiritual womenpreneurs or professionals who feel ready to evolve and commit to the process of growing into the next version of themselves. This 60-minute session gives us the opportunity to explore your journey to date, your vision, & where your blocks lie. You'll be able to ask any questions you might have about my experience and services & determine whether I'm the right coach & accountability partner for you.


  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a relatively new field and it's quite different from therapy or consulting,
    Like a facilitator, coaches study and employ powerful approaches to inquiry as a means of moving their clients forward. Paying particular attention to language, thought patterns, belief and value systems--all elements which often lie beneath the level of awareness for the client--a skilled coach is able to raise these elements to the level of awareness and help the client assess where change/rescripting/transformation would best support them in moving forward.
    Also as a supportive accountability partner, coaches hold space for their clients so they can take responsibility for actively creating positive change in their lives.
    Coaches are often equipped with a wide range of tools across several modalities. As a holistic transformation coach with a Master's degree in Psychology--and one who believes in the importance of mind-body-soul alignment--I am also certified in a number of modalities & techniques, including hypnosis, energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, & therapeutic journaling techniques.

  • How frequently do sessions take place?

    Our discovery session will be an hour.
    Should you choose to continue our work, we will discuss whether weekly or bi-weekly sessions are best given your goals and the nature & degree of your desired transformation.

  • Who is the ideal coaching client?

    My ideal client IS:● Willing and able to do introspective work● Open to a holistic mind-body-soul approach ● Motivated & committed to making positive change● Ready to let go of past challenges and trauma (and perhaps even reframe and turn them into her triumph)● Tired of doing the same old thing and getting the same results● Ready and willing to invest in her transformation● Open to experimenting with new behaviors, beliefs, and practices (all designed for her empowerment)
    She is NOT:● Committed to seeing herself as a victim● Merely giving lip service to her desire for change - rather, something deep within is moving her to actively make change● Refusing to move forward because she does not see her future as worthy of investing in

  • What are your qualifications?

    A lifelong learner, I hold a Master's degree in Psychology from Columbia University. As a corporate girl I found my home in Human Resources & Professional / Organizational Development work which developed my skills in training, coaching, interviewing, recruiting, development, morale boosting, productivity, engagement, and helping organizations with FIT - ensuring the right employees were employed in the right jobs. I was great at it, but I wasn't a corporate girl and wanted to work for myself. So I left a 6 figure job and started my own business. That was over 20 years ago.
    As an entrepreneur, I have written and published two books, designed and delivered training programs for diverse organizations, and coached individuals through the process of transforming their lives. I have helped unsuccessful job seekers 5X their salary in a single career move. I have helped others connect with their deepest purpose & passion. I have helped still others turn "trauma into triumph" by helping them identify ways to transform their painful memories & experiences into a renewed sense of purpose--their superpower if you will. As an artist and professional photography studio owner I pursued my passion for art AND coaching by helping women transform their body image and self-esteem.
    I continue learning and expanding my toolbox. As I repeatedly encountered women struggling with (often subconscious) mental blocks, I searched for a way to help them overcome. I then discovered, studied and became certified as a consulting hypnotist. Although the term is often associated with quackery, let's be honest, those kinds of stage show tactics (can you quack like a duck?) only misinform the public. The truth is, hypnosis is a powerful technique created and utilized by brilliant psychologists who knew exactly what they were doing. Decades of research has proven its efficacy. With this tool, in tandem with other techniques and tools in my kit, I've helped clients make rapid shifts in self-esteem, anxiety-reduction, changing negative thought patterns, and developing confidence in being assertive.
    A spiritual person (ask me how I overcame a chronic illness with meditation and I'll share my story), I have grown leaps and bounds through meditation and learned a lot about energy healing. As an empath, I am very sensitive to energy and so I'm passionate about this invisible yet powerful ever-present influence in our lives. Like wifi, it's there all around us, conveys so much information through and to us, and yet, we hardly realize it's there...until we experience it firsthand. As an advanced Reiki practitioner, I've learned to help clients release energetic blocks so they can transform holistically, mind, body & soul.
    But perhaps most important is this: I LIVE my process. I LIVE by example. I've overcome struggle, trauma of various kinds, and I evolve continuously. I am ever-mindful of my present but ever-focused on growing into my next level self. My life motto could be summed up this way:
    "...as long as there is breath, there is opportunity for growth."
    If you feel the same, or are simply tired of tolerating an unfulfilling career / life, then I look forward to connecting to discuss how coaching can help you.

“We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.” 

If today's version of you offers self-imposed limits on what's possible...the question becomes, what opportunities could an expanded Future You see in this very moment?

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