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How It Works

1st Phase

Let's start with a free 60-minute Zoom call to explore how I can support you in your desired transformation.

2nd Phase

I will propose an arrangement & solution path customized just for you.

Final Phase

Once we agree on the terms of our arrangement, we can begin your exciting journey towards your next-level you.

If you feel ready to move forward in your life, let's begin.

Useful Forms

Prior to your visit, you may clarify your thoughts & prepare for our discussion by downloading and completing the Life Wheel Assessment & Preliminary Consult form from this page.
You may forward the completed Wheel to me in advance or share your insights during our Zoom call.
However, please be sure to forward the Preliminary Consult form at least 24 hours prior to our session. Thank you!

Life Wheel Assessment by Susan Eckert

Life Wheel Assessment


Free To Be Me Consult


Menu of Services


30-Day Power Transformation Program

If there's one area in your life where you feel particularly stuck or in need of transformation (e.g. developing more empowering thought patterns, reducing stress and overwhelm, or gaining clarity on a particular issue), let's deep dive and do the work in this intensive program.
The power program may involve any or all of the following as appropriate:● weekly 2-hour coaching sessions laser-focused on your desired transformation● assignments & exercises for continuous progress in between sessions● meditation and/or hypnosis recordings customized for you● mind-body healing techniques 


Career Coaching /Life Coaching

Your identity is a lifetime in the making. Transforming that identity, therefore, doesn't usually happen overnight. I offer coaching programs of various lengths to accommodate varying goals:
● 3 months: this might be ideal for those who are job hunting and need to learn ways to implement storytelling & practice presenting themselves in a more compelling way; or, those wanting to connect with their higher selves or learn and implement stress reduction techniques
● 6 months: this might be ideal for those who are hoping to entirely pivot in their career or launch a brand new business that brings together all the various elements of their experience; or, those looking to gain clarity and focus and establish new habits/behaviors/actions so they can more fully align themselves mind-body-soul
● 12 months: this might be ideal for those who want to do deep mindset, self-care, and energy work for holistic transformation that encompasses both career, life, and spiritual growth & satisfaction



All hypnosis sessions are custom tailored to the unique needs of each client.
Sessions are available in bundles of 3 and can take place in my Bay Shore location for those who live locally, or via distance with custom recordings and follow-up phone calls.


Reiki / Mind-Body Energy Healing Techniques

All Reiki sessions are unique to the individual needs and therefore, are preceded by a 45-minute intake session.
Sessions are available in bundles of 3 and take place in my Bay Shore location.
For distance sessions, I incorporate a specific mind-body healing technique which can be facilitated over Zoom.
Sessions are available in bundles of 3 and take place via Zoom.