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"Susan has helped me to see that my only limitations are the ones I impose on myself."

Roniya ShefferCollage Artist

"Susan, the experience...of this soul purpose program has been life altering. It has granted me clarity and accountability to take the necessary guided actions toward connecting with my truest purpose."

Gina DiGuardiaEntrepreneur, Owner Bridal Salon

"Through your guidance I have been able to do the work necessary to discover my soul's purpose. It has been a truly transforming experience working with you. I have been able to go deep within and connect to my higher self and my inner child. It has been an incredible journey of finding my authentic self through self discovery and self reflection. I was able to overcome my obstacles and fears and call myself and SEE myself as an artist for the very first time."

Anne GiordanoArtist, Author, Educator

"I want to start off with a big thank you!!! I felt I could talk to you about anything and I didn't feel judged. You always had such a great perspective on things and great insight to share. Every sessions left me with actual steps I could perform when we were not together. And I saw myself putting them into practice regularly. You coached me to change my mindset around the things I was saying to myself. I am now able to stop those negative thoughts before they go any further. I know for sure that the hypnosis was a big part of that so I am so thankful for the hypnosis sessions we did. I now see how my entire being is more aligned with the things I want. I feel less stressed and much happier, I feel more confident going after high-end work, and I feel positive about my future. I am attacking bigger things and doors are opening left and right. So grateful!!!"

Juliana FinkHigh-End Professional Makeup Artist

"This experience with you was intense. Through hypnosis I really feel like I was able to connect to myself. At the same time I was able to forget about my worries and put my mind at ease.
This was my first time experiencing Reiki at this level. I really felt the energy--It felt electrifying to release blocks I didn't realize I had. It was so helpful to align and open up my chakras! I really felt like my energy was lifted up to the next level! It was truly an amazing experience and I was completely confident that healing was taking place!
As for our coaching work, I truly believe you have a God-given talent, you are so on point when it comes to opening hearts and minds and because of that I was so comfortable expressing myself and unloading (issues and worries) so you were able to help me work on them.
Everything you do works as a whole. Reiki really complements the hypnosis sessions, and you complement everything with your wisdom while coaching. I really love Reiki, hypnosis and your coaching as a whole. I can’t really think about having one without the other. I don’t know if I’m expressing myself right but I feel like everything works as a whole and that’s why I was able to see a shift so quick!"

Jessica TaggartRealtor, Interior Designer

"I came to Susan looking to work on feelings surrounding my health. What I received was so much more than this. Susan asked me questions that opened up my mind to the bigger picture, and what was lying beneath the surface and in the shadows. Combining thoughtful reflection with hypnosis and Reiki healing had incredible results right out of the gate. I was able to tap into my mind at a deeper level than I ever had before, and my ability to quell my anxiety happened incredibly fast. The Reiki helped me to feel attuned to my body and to separate fear from reality in terms of my physical alignment, bringing me a sense of ease I had not felt in years!"

Lia DelmaterShop Owner, White Owls Nest